The Theives Come Out at Christmas!

Happy Monday all!
While checking into local news stories this morning, I came across something I thought we could all benefit from! We know that burglaries and robberies tend to increase around the holiday season, and we all need to prepare ourselves and do what we can to keep our belongings safe!

I have always been so disgusted by thieves. We all work so hard for what we have in life, just to have some low life come and rip it away. There are certain things that we can all do in order to prevent ourselves from becoming the next target! Check out this news article: CLICK ME!!

When it comes to many of these items, it’s all about relying on a friendly neighbor or somebody you can trust to help you keep your home safe! But there are many things that are left up to YOU as the home or vehicle owner. I believe that if you follow these simple rules, your holiday season can be safe and burglar free. One of the items listed speaks about your personal home safes. Instead of keeping a home safe, you can feel that much safer by storing your personal belongings at a storage facility like Safe Haven Private Vaults. You’ll never have to worry about a thief taking your entire safe out of your home. You’ll know that at all times your most precious belongings are being kept safe here, rather than vulnerable in your home. It’s something to think about!

If you’re in the state of Utah, come and take a tour of our facility now that the holidays are upon us. We even have a great give away going on right now! You can receive 6 months of free storage service. We are offering a free trial of a 3×5 safety deposit box. These boxes can actually hold quite a bit! If you decide to stick around, you can renew or even upgrade to a bigger box. However, you are not obligated in any way to stay! (We think you’ll love the sense of security this brings and be a customer for many years to come!! 🙂 ) 801-569-3000 8675 S. 700 E. Sandy, UT 84070

Regardless of if you decide to store at a facility, take these other precautions. Keep your home safe this season!

Until Next Time!


Who Doesn’t Love FREE?!

Hi all!! It’s me again!

Here at Safe Haven Private Vaults we have come up with a GREAT holiday offer. We are giving away Gift Cards for 6 months of FREE vault storage($14.99/month value) at random to all of our followers, fans, and any of you that like us, comment, or share us! You will receive a 3×5 box for a full 6 months at no charge to you. Once those 6 months are up, if you are pleased you are welcome to renew or even upgrade to a bigger box! If you are NOT pleased (which we think is highly doubtful) there is absolutely NO obligation to stay! You can just get your personal belongings and go back to storing them the way you were before.

You may think “I don’t have anything worth storing in a facility like this“….believe me, I thought the exact same thing. But as I dug deeper, I realized there are SO many valuables that may not be worth anything to somebody else, but mean the world to me. Birth Certificates, Marriage Certificates, Social Security Cards, Pictures, Baby Books, and the list goes on and on! If you’re home were to get burglarized or if unpredictable weather damaged your home and everything in it, these are items you want to be protected! Also, as I mentioned in a previous post, if you have a family that LOVES to snoop around the holiday season, this is a perfect place to keep those gifts from being peeked at and ruining the surprise!

If you truly believe you have nothing worth storing in our facility, these gift cards could also make wonderful gifts to those in your family who WOULD get comfort storing such items here at Safe Haven.

There are MANY ways to qualify to receive one of our gift cards. You can follow us on Twitter @SafeHavenPV, you can like our Facebook Page, or just leave a comment below! After the Thanksgiving weekend, let the Gift Cards fly!!

Best of luck with our Give Away! I hope you all have a safe and happy Thanksgiving!

Until Next Time! 🙂