Owner’s Message

My name is Nathan Coccimiglio, and I am the owner and operator of Safe Haven Private Vaults.

Salt Lake City needed – and in a way was asking for – a new alternative to the banks in terms of storing their valuables.

We wanted to build a facility the public could use that would give them peace of mind when a bank or safe at home was not good enough.

We have taken the best features from a number of facilities throughout the country and combined them to create Safe Haven Private Vaults, the first and only of its kind here in Utah. We asked a number of people throughout the state – laywers, bankers, business owners, stay-at-home moms – if they would like to use the services and facility. What we received was a resounding YES! Over the next 18 months, we molded and created the business model that would eventually become Safe Haven Private Vaults.

We are planning to expand the business with new locations due to the overwhelming demand for private vault storage, as well as the rapid growth of the private vault industry as a whole. The banks are no longer trusted, as people remember how the Great Depression in the 1930s was started and are comparing the events then to current events.


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