Utah Driving in Winter….Be Prepared!!

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If you are a fellow Utahn, the information in this post could come in very handy for you. I know that as soon as I saw that first snow fall, the roads were going to be a complete disaster. It’s as if the months go by and people completely forget how to handle snowy roads. Most of you likely have the same thought process that I do “It’s not me I’m worried about, it’s those other idiot drivers on the road”. If we ALL have that same attitude, then chances are….we are ALL the idiots! 😉

Even if you are equipped with four wheel drive, commute in a large truck (thank you if you aren’t one of those that drives insanely fast in order to pass and cut others off), or have a vehicle you believe is a rock star in the snow, disaster can still strike! While reading the news today, I came across an article which contains a list of items you should have with you in your car during the frigid winter season. And we are hitting record breaking lows this year in Utah, meaning, you’re not just up against the snow, you’re going to be battling the ICE as well!! SCARY! Here’s a great list of items to put in your trunk this snowy season:

*A flashlight
*Jumper Cables (you should carry these all year round in my opinion!)
*A First Aid kit (again…a year round necessity!)
*Flares or hazard triangles
*Warm clothing, gloves, and a blanket
*An ice scraper
*A snow shovel
*Kitty Litter – for traction on slick roadways
*Extra washer fluid
*Food and bottled water
*A cell phone charger

Feel free to take a look at the full NEWS ARTICLE here.

snowy roads1

Under all that fluff there will be ICE!

Under all that fluff there will be ICE!

Utah Freeways can be a DISASTER in the winter!

Utah Freeways can be a DISASTER in the winter!

These are great tips….and the safer you are on the roadways, the safer those around you will be as well! I know that this weather has me white knuckled on the roads, but having that much tension can also cause ugly accidents, so do your best to remain calm. Be aware, be cautious, but try not to completely freak!!

EDIT: Just found this GREAT SLIDESHOW OF UTAH SNOW….Definitely check it out! There are some really great photos of the Utah snow! 🙂

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