About Safe Haven Private Vaults

Safe Haven Private Vaults is a company who offers safe, secure and anonymous storage for all types of valuables. You are allowed to store the most unique valuables in this facility, with the peace of mind and convenient access offered nowhere else.

There is a variety of sizes of the boxes, including, 3”x 5, 3”x 10, 5”x10, 10”x10 and even liberty closet vaults, the prices are as low as $400 per year for round the clock access and unmatched security.

The facility has been redesigned from the ground up to be reinforced as a secure facility. The security has been designed to protect its inner vaults, the customers and the employees. Some of the measures include several layers of steel reinforced and ballistic grade walls, bulletproof glass, laser, motion, and pressure sensors, over 50 cameras, backup power, state of the art fire prevention systems and even armed guards; just to name a few.

All of the identification you will need to access your box is stored with iris scanning technology, pin codes and personal custom keys.

The facility does not have an Internet connection, which prevents any type of hacking into the system from an outside source.

Safe Haven Private Vaults is truly the best place to store your most precious valuables.



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