Protect Your ASS….ets!

Good morning! As the week is nearing it’s close, I figured one more post this week definitely couldn’t hurt! Yesterday while speaking to an old friend, whom I hadn’t seen in quite some time, I brought up our up and coming business….and it was music to my ears when he exclaimed “You mean the place that does the Iris scan?!?” Knowing that we are really making a name out there for ourselves made me extremely excited! As I went into more detail about the business, he admitted he was already sold on the idea due to the anonymity of the place. He said it was such a great concept and that he would feel MORE than secure storing his personal belongings here at Safe Haven Private Vaults rather than in a home safe or a safety deposit box in a bank.

We want to help you protect your ASSets!! Here, you will have that comfort knowing that 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year, your belongings are being carefully watched and secured with top notch security technology. Who WOULDN’T want to have that peace of mind? As a parent, there are so many precious documents that come with having a child, and I would be beyond devastated if anything were to happen to my child’s birth certificate, first lock of hair, baby book, pictures and videos from that first ultrasound to first steps, to first birthday! Here I know that no matter WHAT may come, everything I have built and kept for my child will be safe and sound to embarrass my little one when dating begins! (Which won’t be until the 20th birthday mark!!!)


We all have extremely important documents, but in addition to the paper work, the pictures, etc., there are precious metals, firearms you don’t want kept in the home, and even items you just want kept personal! And here, you have that luxury of storing anything and everything you want protected. Keep in mind the 24 hour access, wide selection of vault sizes, access to our 3-tier security environment is retina scan activated, NO ID is required to open or access your vault, and there are NO records that can be accessed by prying third parties!! This IS the 21st Century way to protect your valuables & privacy!! We have even received offers to expand our facility and have documentation from banking specialists that it will be booming in the next 6-7 years!!

If you’ve got the time, be sure to follow us on Twitter @SafeHavenPV, visit us on Facebook, come take a tour of the facility 8675 South 700 East, Sandy, or give us a call with any questions at 801-569-3000. You can also read more about Safe Haven Private Vaults CEO and owner at And of course you can visit our website at

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Again, thanks for reading! We hope you have a safe and enjoyable weekend!

Until next time!!



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